Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It ain't easy being green.

Sorry to be MIA as of late but I was busy being a mother to a 13 year old. Gross, lol, I have no interest in being a mother ever. Anywho here's a quick green look I did for Father's Day. We took daddy to my new favorite place called Secret Garden. They have the most amazing breakfast! Yum!!!  This is Sugarpill Chromalust in Absinthe and a bit of Goldilux.

Sorry folks, no full face shots as that day was nothing but smoke and 98 degree nastyness. Lately I've been all about green eyes and pink lips. Love it, especially with my black hair.


  1. so pretty! your eyes are gorgeous!
    i love your puppy!!!! hehehe

  2. Love the green eyes! Gorgeous! So pretty!

    New follower here by the way, loving your blog! i wish I was that good at doing eye makeup that I could put it on my blog as well! :)

  3. loving it!!! and the pup is so cute :)

    shel xx

  4. Thanks ladies, you're all so sweet. Zombri sends all her snores and kisses! <3

  5. LOL!!! I was going to say something but then I saw that photo of Zombri and literally just LOL'd... so effing cute!

  6. Lol, thank you! She's my little monster princess.

  7. Love this color and you're so pretty by the way :)

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