Saturday, July 16, 2011

My first water marble...(pic heavy!)

Oh happy weekend full of sleep and more sleep! So here's my first attempt at a water marbling. I think it came out pretty good but not quite what I expected. This is China Glaze Cowgirl Up, China Glaze For Audrey, Nicole by OPI Make a Comet-ment, and Orly Fancy Fuschia, my franken Bile, base is 3 coats of Essence Prismatic White, free Hello Kitty decals from bornpretty and a flower from my moms garden. I know that's a mouth full! The first finger I did came out the best, in my opinion, it's also the finger I didn't use any protection, lol.

Before clean up.

After the first clean up attempt. Ladies use protection!lol

I'm pretty proud of my first attempt. Though I wish For Audrey would have been more noticeable. I used one of my mom's flowers on my pinkies. I cut the petals to fit my nails, painted a fresh coat of polish, placed it, then painted a top coat. It didn't hold very well though and was peeling immediately. But I wanted to try!

I won my Essence Prismatic White from a giveaway from Holly at shimmerspark along with a holographic eyeshadow in Lilac and a holographic lip gloss in Holoberry. Keep in mind Essence states these are 'holographic' when they are really duochrome.
 Cute tape!

Lilac is a purple base with blue duochrome.

Holoberry on the left and lilac on the right.
Holoberry is a pink based gloss with yellow, green, and blue duochrome.

Prismatic White is a white based polish with green and pink duochrome.

Holly had super cute stamps and business card. This was a great prize as it was a brand I had zero experience with and it allowed me to try it out. The eyeshadow is my favorite base for my purple/blue looks. The gloss is gorgeous and the polish works great. Thanks Holly!



  1. i love this mani a great first attempt!

    shel xx

  2. Great attempt! Better than mine... I love the color choices...

  3. Thank you! I was surprised by how easy yet messy it was.

  4. I've only tried water marbling a couple times--it's fun but you're right--protection is a must!

  5. Glad you like it! You must try more Essence polishes, I LOVE them!


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