Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time Balm

My under eye circles were getting to me. Not to mention the red in my cheeks from my slight case of rosacea, thanks dad! So I finally decided a concealer was needed. I typically just wear Loreal True Match Naturale in Nude Beige as I live in Florida and don't like heavy makeup. I had been considering Benefit's Erase Paste but for a little jar I wasn't fond of spending $26. I had only heard a few reviews on The Balm's Time Balm concealer, which looks similar to Erase Paste in my opinion. For a cheap(er) $18 and Ebates at my side I was sold.

The left is with Eco Tools concealer brush, right with the included sponge.

I love this this concealer! I definitely made a great choice. It's light but covers perfectly. Red spots, under eye circles, freckles, etc are taken care of. The next few makeup posts will have me using this concealer and it's really made a difference. I no longer look tired!lol. On another note when I purchased Time Balm on Sephora I went through Ebates. Time Balm is the only item I paid for. I chose Benefits new They're Real mascara with my 100 point perks, 3 perfume samples, and a discount code on Ebates allowed me to get a free Benefit makeup case! Plus I got money back, not a lot, but all money is good money these days.


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