Friday, July 22, 2011

1, 2, 3

Howdy there bloggerettes! Here's my lazy go to neutral look in 3 ways. All shadows are from Urban Decay's Naked palette with a splash of purple using my Essence Lilac and Inglot D.S. 493 on the bottom.

First look is just Essence Lilac and Inglot D.S. 493 with OCC Lip Tar in Anime.

Second look is a little deeper with my Naked palette neutral eyes with the same purple on the bottom.

The third look is a darker version with more crease action using the same 'ingrediants'.

This has been a very stressful work week and I've been feeling pretty down. So I've been spending time watching Charmed on Netflix, lol. It's so 90's and mildly embarrassing. Have a lovely Friday ladies!


  1. Im sorry your working week has you feeling so down, sometimes looking at nostalgic things makes me feel cheery again too:) I think all the make up looks so pretty and I love the winged eye liner look in it too, will definitely add that to my naked palette looks

  2. I love each of these looks, they are gorgeous!


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