Saturday, July 2, 2011

Everything's better in 3D

Last weekend I signed up for a free bronze makeover at my local Sephora. The makeup was pretty but by the time I went to take pictures the 98 degree weather melted my I chose the Lorac makeover as it was a brand I had no experience with. Lorac is a great brand but I couldn't justify the price for a 4 eyeshadow palette. However I knew I had to have their Multiplex lip gloss in 3D! Along with 3D I received a goodie bag for coming in which included products from Nars and a mini Lorac 3D mascara. I have a little mascara post that will make an appearance soon.

My cute goodie bag. <3 Mini Benefit perfume, Lorac tinted moisturizer, Mineral foundation, Nars cleanser, Nars shadow pencil, Lorac 3D mascara, and benefit porefessional pore balm.

Swatched on my hand.

3D looks brown in the tube but when applied it's a gorgeous pink/copper duochrome with tons of sparkle. The color is beautiful and the gloss smells tropical. But of course it has that icky gloss texture. I have yet to find a gloss that doesn't have that feeling. This gloss looks beautiful over pink as well, unfortunately no pics but please take my word for it!


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  1. Those Lorac 3D glosses are amazeballs!! So much shimmer!


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