Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glitter in the Cracks

Hey there bloggerettes! When I went to get a pedicure a month or so back the salon had all of the Burlesque glitters. I knew then that I must have them. When they first came out I wasn't as in to them but once they were gone of course I wanted them. So I looked everywhere online and Facebook and was able to get the three I wanted. Here is my pain in the tush to remove glitter look, three coats of OPI Bring on the Bling!

Then I went to Sally's Beauty Supply when they had their buy two China Glaze get one free Seche Vite treatment. I picked the new crackle metals in Latticed Lilac and Oxidize Aqua. I wanted Haute Metal but they were sold out. Once I came home I knew I had to try them over my mani.

I finally loaded my pictures from my camera and there was over 700 pictures! Hopefully my posting will be a bit more consistent. Also lots of nail mail has been received and I'm expecting one more package. Next paycheck I'm going to try a no buy on nail polish but I'm thinking about my next Inglot palette if I can afford it...also roller skates.lol


  1. Pretty! I love glitter under crackles! I had my first nail fail with Latticed Lilac that I posted about yesterday but yours came out great!

  2. Thank you! I noticed Lilac doesn't crack as well as Aqua. I'm kinda losing interest in crackle again. :(


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