Friday, July 1, 2011


I just wanted to do a quick update about Ebates. You may have noticed that I added an Ebates button on my side bar. That's because I've been trying it out and I love it! You just make an account with them, it's free. Not all online shops are connected with Ebates but you can always double check. Certain online shops allow Ebates to give you back a percentage of the money you spend! You can also find coupons. All you do is start your browsing on Ebates and pick the store you want to shop from there. On my first attempt I purchased The Balm Time Bomb concealer from Sephora. This is the only item I paid for! I was able to get a coupon from Ebates to get a free make up bag from Benefit, my 3 free samples, and used 100 beauty points to get the new Benefit They're Real Mascara! I know it isn't much but combined with all that I also got back $1.44. Now if you do a lot of shopping online that money is going to add up. So if you have the time check out the website and see if it's something you want to experience. If you click on my links or the button on my sidebar it will link me as the referrer and I do get bonuses on my account. You can have the same advantages when you make an account and refer your friends too! Also during the holidays the website tends to giveaway an added percentage allowing you to get more money back.


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