Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Super comfy right now! <3
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mermaids Tail

Does anyone else suffer the wrath of having a Korean mother? Gah! I just got off from work and am now in my comfy clothes. Best feeling EVAR! Here's a simple little look I did a few weeks back. This is China Glaze For Audrey and Nfu Oh 38. Please don't mind my obnoxious hanging bra and clutter. I'm seriously not trying to get comfortable in my parents house!

I was just playing with some of my new camera accessories. Unfortunately the flash I bought for my camera was a fail boat and didn't work at all. Lame! Well, I think I'm going to watch some cartoons and relax. No photo fun time with Zombri today though, so I'll leave you with this...


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roses and Beetles.

Mmm, I had a wonderful weekend off spent with my sister. I finally went tanning and took a nice long cold shower with my new Skin-a-licious goodies. But that's saved for another post. Here's my first attempt at roses. I used my Debra Lynn 3 piece Dotting and Marbling Nail Art Set from Trans Design. I went to Walmart and noticed they had Hard Candy's Beetle and it looked like it's permanent! Very exciting. Anywho here's the look...

 This look was amazing in person. I left it like this for about 2 weeks, longer than any look I have ever done. My new job keeps my nails intact so I can be a little lazy with my nails. This is Essie Merino Cool on all nails, Hard Candy Beetle on ring fingers, roses are Revlon Orchid with Orly Fancy Fuchsia, and OPI Gargantuan Green Grape in matte and Orly Hally's Comet for the leaves. And I added a little Milani 3D for sparkle on the roses.

Don't mind my messy room. I'm staying with my parents temporaly until we can find a home that will except our big boy Cletus. I'm not trying to get comfortable! Tootles!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Subtract my age from the mileage on my speeding heart, credit cards.

Now that I've been able to experience my Lush purchase to its full potential I really have to say I don't understand all the hoopala. It just seems like an over priced alternative, but I do love that they are organic, vegan, and environment friendly. Though I am in no way all those things, lol. I ordered Godiva solid shampoo, (because Reincarnate was not available at the time), Veganese conditioner, and a Snow Fairy gift box that was on clearance. This was my first experience with this type of product and the extent of my knowledge was from various blogs and youtube videos and decided it was my turn.

The gem out of my entire purchase was Godiva solid shampoo. When I took the bar out of its little baggie I was overwhelmed by how earthy it smelled. Trust me when I say the smell is STRONG. Though they state just a few swipes of the bar on completely saturated hair is enough I fully take advantage of this hand held shampoo. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week because of how thick and damaged my hair is I am confident that I still have another month or two left out of it. That alone is impressive since a normal bottle of shampoo typically lasts less than a month for me. I noticed some differences in my hair after using Godiva a few times and it really is both a shampoo and conditioner. But my hair feels more difficult when wet than it did before I started using this as my regular shampoo. $9.95 for 1.9oz.

I received these two samples but I have yet to use them. Honestly I have no urge to do so. Everything in the package smelled like Jasmine from the Godiva shampoo, lol. And I find banana anything to be disgusting.

Now Veganese conditioner...lord I can't say anything good about this product. It's claim to fame is the fact that it is 100% vegan and replaces the lanolin one typically finds in conditioners. Well this product comes out like water, literally, it just drips out  of my hands before I can even put it in my hair. It smells absolutely revolting. The only reason I even attempt using this useless conditioner is because I spent $8.95 for a 3.3oz bottle. Ridiculous.

Now for the Snow Fairy gift box. All throughout the interwebbinz I have noticed that Snow Fairy body wash has become a serious cult favorite. I can understand...it's pink, glittery, and it smells like childrens cough syrup. Yeah, bubblegum flavored Tylenol. I couldn't believe the disappointment I felt in first using Snow Fairy, I felt bad for my shower poof. The packaging was beautiful and I even saved the gift wrapping and little bell but the products inside, not worth it. I'm glad it was just a clearance leftover from Christmas. Snow Fairy is purely a pretty bottle to display in the bathroom. Between the smell and uselessness of the glitter inside....just useless. Snow Fairy is a seasonal product that comes out around Christmas time. But if you truly care about your smell and the people around you I sincerely hope you pass on this. As for the two soaps that came with it I haven't bothered using them whatsoever. Just more decoration I guess.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer folks but I am sincerely disappointed in this purchase. My next and probably last purchase from Lush will be to try their Reincarnate shampoo like I originally wanted. How about you? Did anyone else have a bad or good experience with Lush? Hope this was somewhat insightful for ya'll and hopefully you find better things to spend your hard earned money on!

As always...Cletus and Zombri love!


Sugarpill Love

Finally some free time!!  I've been working at my new job now for about two weeks and I'm loving it so far! Stress and anxiety levels are at an all time low, I never thought I would experience this feeling before. But anywho I finally have a review that I've been taking my sweet time getting to you.  SUGARPILL!!!  Sugarpill is one of the most pigmented, smoothest application, easy to blend eye shadows I've ever had the pleasure of using.  Not to mention the unbelievable array of colors to grace your pretty little eyelids.

Starting with the Chromalusts Lumi, Goldilux, Tiara, Decora, Royal Sugar, Absinthe, Stella. And pressed shadows Poison Plum, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love+, Afterparty, Dollipop, Midori, Tako. All taken inside with flash with (top to bottom) Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NYX Black Bean, and NYX Milk pencils as a base.

Chromalusts Lumi, Goldilux, Tiara, Decora, Royal Sugar, Absinthe, Stella. Pressed shadows Poison Plum, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love+, Afterparty, Dollipop, Midori, Tako. All taken outside with natural light with (top to bottom) Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NYX Black Bean, and NYX Milk pencils as a base.

 Afterparty, Dollipop, Midori, and Tako outside in natural light.

Poison Plum, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, and Love+ all taken outside in natural light.

 Tiara, Decora, Royal Sugar, Absinthe, and Stella all taken outside with natural light.

Lumi, Goldilux, Tiara, and Decora all taken outside in natural light.

Burning Heart palette 


Poison Plum



Sweetheart palette





Don't the colors just blow your mind?!  I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. My first order was just the Burning Heart palette, Stella, and Lumi but after a few days I just couldn't wait to place my second order and got the rest you see in this post. What's so great about Amy aka Shrinkle the creator of Sugarpill is she provides wonderful customer service. With each order she leaves you a little thank you note on your invoice, a sample, business cards, and a fantabulous Sugarpill sticker. I don't recall ever having that kind of customer service anywhere else so I find the little things to be quite satisfying.

How friggin cute is the Sugarpill logo?! Everything is just purrfect I can't get over it, lol.  And how about the packaging....

See! Adorable. Chromalusts are $12, individual shadows are $12, and palettes are $34 with a S5 flat rate for shipping unless you spend over $75. I apologize for the mega post but I want everyone to experience Sugarpill and what they have to offer. Now time for some Zombri spam!

And Sammie my parents wiener pooch.