Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Into the Night

 Hey Bloggerettes! Todays post features the amazing Girly Bits Into the Night. Into the Night is a black based polish with micro lime green, magenta, and holo glitter. I have been really wanting Girly Bits polishes but I always missed sales or didn't have funds at the time. But blessed be she opened up a new shop on Big Cartel and I was able to order 1 mini bottle. When I opened my package I was surprised to see a full size bottle with a note from Pam saying it was a shame to pay so much for shipping for just a mini polish. How sweet is that?! 

Gorgeous, isn't she? This is 1 coat of Gelous, 3 coats of Into the Night, and a 1 thick coat of Seche Vite. This polish is a bit hungry so I suggest using another coat of Gelous on top of it for a smooth finish. Into the Night retails for $10 in full size and $6 for mini size on Girly Bits website.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainbow Fields

Bloggerettes, it's time for Holo Hump Day, another group mani. I used a new pair of earrings I bought on Etsy for inspiration. My base coat is 3 coats of Nic Stick's Rainbows End, a gold holo. Next I taped my triangles then applied a layer of Orly Fancy Fucshia, then 1 coat of China Glaze Strawberry Fields. Lastly for my triangle border LA Colors Blue Glitter. Rainbows End was incredibly difficult to work with because of the shoddy brush. You can see, especially on my pinkie, the dragging.

 3 coats Rainbows End, no top coat.
 3 coats Rainbows End, no top coat.
 After applying Fancy Fuchsia and Strawberry Fields.

The last picture is the completed mani with the earrings from Etsy. They aren't an exact match to the earrings but I am still happy with the end result. Don't forget to check out the other ladies Holo Hump Day manis!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Heart Breaker Review

Hey Bloggerettes! I was super excited when Sugarpill announced they were making a third eyeshadow palette as part of their Heart series. Heart Breaker has four bright matte shades; Acidberry a neon chartreuse, Velocity a bright navy blue, 2am a bright red based purple, and Mochi a mint shimmer. The formula of this palette is not as opaque or smooth as the colors featured in the Burning Heart and Sweetheart palettes. With a good base the colors really shine.

The back of Heart Breaker's packaging. 
 Heart Breaker's front flip cover. When opened the otherside is a mirror.
Clockwise; Acidberry, Velocity, 2am, and Mochi.
 The top half has no base, bottom half is Urban Decay Primer Potion; Acidberry, Velocity, 2am, and Mochi.

As you can see when no base is used the colors are chalky. This is easily remedied with a good base like Urban Decay Primer Potion. I also really like using Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk for these colors. Along with Heart Breaker I picked up a pair of Saint eyelashes for a sweet $5! Cheaper than the lashes at drug stores and much better quality. 

I did a quick look using Mochi and Saint eyelashes after I received the palette. I'm also wearing Dollipop eyeshadow for blush! Other shadows used are from Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which I picked up the day before.

As a huge fan of all things Sugarpill and Shrinkle I am pretty happy with Heart Breaker and Saint lashes. When I do my make up I always use a base so it doesn't bother me that the shadows are less than stellar otherwise. I definitely plan on trying more lashes in the future as well as getting another pair of Saint. Heart Breaker is currently in stock for $34, $5 shipped.

Burning Heart, Sweetheart, Heart Breaker palettes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stone Cold Saved

 Hey there Bloggerettes! Today I bring to you a combination of China Glaze Stone Cold and OPI Save Me. Both polishes are on my top favorite polish list so it made perfect sense for them to join forces. Epic things happened, lol. I started off with 2 coats of Stone Cold followed by 2 coats of Save Me. I did a thick coat of Seche Vite to tame the hairy glitter in Save Me.

Look at all that glorious sparkle! But I wasn't entirely satisfied, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You.

There we go, much better! What do you think of this look? I think the matte really brought out the awesome of Save Me. Such a magical glitter. 

I haven't posted anything Bronson lately so here's a little update. He is now 6 months old and going through a serial teething phase. Today he chewed my very expensive glasses. :( But damn it he's so cute! Le sigh. Here's evidence of the cuteness!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sigma Paris Palette

 Hey Bloggerettes! It's been a hot minute since I last did a make up related post but I am coming back with a doozie! This post is all about the new Limited Edition Sigma Paris palette. The Paris palette was a collaboration between Sigma and a few well known Bloggers who were inspired by monuments in Paris. Very cool! It's made up of 8 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlight, an angled blush brush, and an eye shadow brush. My only complaint is the lack of a bronzer for conturing. Otherwise this is the perfect palette for day, night, every day, and travel!
The palette comes with a little pamphlet with details about the Bloggers, locations, and of course the makeup.
The sleeve, it looks like a cute little package!
The front of the palette. Mosaic details and filigree, very pretty.
The back. Ingredients and a list of the Bloggers who worked on this project. I have been a fan of XSparkage, Petrilude, and MACNC40 since I was 14 back in the LiveJournal days! Crazy, huh?
The palette is a flip top with a large mirror. The brushes have little cubbies, eye shadow brush on top, blush brush on bottom.
 Eiffel, black with rainbow sparkle. Seine, navy blue shimmer.
Closeup of Eiffel! Reminds me of Sugarpill Stella.
 Louvre, matte darkened teal. Orsay, bright teal with gold shimmer. 
 Elysees, burgundy brown shimmer. Notre Dame, brownish mauve.
Triomphe, duochrome brown to green. Versailles, champagne gold shimmer. Perfect highlight color.
Top swatches have Urban Decay Primer Potion Primer, bottom swatched Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk. L-R; Eiffel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay, Elysees, Notre Dame, Triomphe, Versailles.
 Top swatches have Urban Decay Primer Potion Primer, bottom swatched Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk. L-R; Eiffel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay, Elysees, Notre Dame, Triomphe, Versailles.
 Top swatches have Urban Decay Primer Potion Primer, bottom swatched Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk. L-R; Eiffel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay, Elysees.
Top swatches have Urban Decay Primer Potion Primer, bottom swatched Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk. L-R; Orsay, Elysees, Notre Dame, Triomphe, Versailles.
 Lumiere, a light gold shimmer highlight.
 Peche, matte peach blush.
 Rouge, a light matte plum blush.
No base, L-R; Rouge, Peche, Lumiere.
The softest brush in the universe!
Holographic engraving!

I've been using this palette everyday! It has so many looks and everything applies like BUTTAH.lol. Here's a cute looks I did using Eiffel, Louvre, Orsay, Elysees, Triomphe, Versailles eyeshadows and Lumiere highlight and Peche blush.

The Limited Edition Sigma Paris palette retails for $59. I used coupon code 'xsparkage' and received $10 off. Do you own the Paris palette? What do you think of it?