Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rad Dancing!

Happy Tuesday Bloggerettes! Today I have Dollish Polish Random Dancing on top of Milani's Rad Purple for you. Random Dancing is a beautiful mix of fine and medium hex purple glitter, medium hex silver and orange glitter, and large square glitter in red, green, and teal. Wow, that was a mouth full! The application is pretty chunky and it is easier to tap the polish on rather than brush it on. After a nice thick coat of Gelous the polish was still bumpy but regardless it was pretty. Milani Rad Purple is a neon jelly and to get full coverage I needed 5 coats! Aye Chihuahua, lol! Needless to say I had a nice thick barrier of polish on my nails after this mani.

The completed mani.
 5 coats of Milani Rad Purple.

This combination had my nails glowing! I had to do the foil method to remove this look but it was well worth it. Dollish Polish is currently of hiatus but her mini bottles retail for $4.00. Just click the notify by email button so you can be first up for her polishes!



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