Friday, March 2, 2012

Party on my Yacht

Happy Friday Bloggerettes! I've been a bit mia recently because I messed my back up pretty bad. But I am feeling a bit better so I'm back on with my unofficial indie polish extravaganza. Pretty and Polished Party on my Yacht is a lovely white based polish with blue bar glitter and fuchsia, green, purple, and gold fine glitter. She's beautiful and reminds me of CAKE! The formula was easy to work with and I did apply some underwear in the form of Essie Marshmallow, just in case.

Pretty, right? Pretty and Polished Party on my Yacht retails for $4.50 in mini form and $8 for a full size. I had to cut my nails down a bit before I applied PomY and just could not handled filing them for some reason. It was literally making me cringe. Anyone have that problem? Anywho I do believe I will continue resting until my back is back to normal.

Zombri's, ew polish fumes again, face.


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