Thursday, September 29, 2011

Franken Kimmaye

Hey there blogerettes! I am alive and well just uber busy! And just my luck all my photo programs have been acting lame so I had to download Gimp. One of my biggest lemmings is Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Scrangie. Scrangie is a beautiful duochrome based off the wings of a beetle. Of course this beauty has been pretty hard to find so I turned to frankening to see if I could dupe it. My pictures make Kimmaye look blue but it is definitely more blurple with green/teal shimmer. Kimmaye still wasn't a dupe so I added a layer of Zoya Adina to see if that would help. Unfortunely this one was a fail at duping but still pretty.
 Just Kimmaye.
With one layer of Zoya Adina, the last picture is from my cell phone.

My application of Adina was a little messy but c'est la vie. Shortly after this I picked up a new bottle of Seche Vite since my old bottle started to bubble my mani's. I am pretty persistent so I will keep trying to make a dupe unless I somehow get my very own bottle of Scrangie. I'll keep you posted! ;)
Fat bottom grrl.



  1. Your nails look so strong and healthy! :)

  2. "Hey there blogerettes" is the cutest little introduction!

  3. Such a gorgeous color <3 Love your nails!!!!
    Nice blog honey...i'm following! Would love a follow back from you :)


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