Friday, September 16, 2011


The boyfraan being the awesome human being that he is got me a gift certificate to my favorite nail salon Royal Essence. I do my own nails obviously but I still love and appreciate an excellent pedicure! They go all the way in service, just check out their site if you're around town. This was also an excellent chance to do some dusty hunting. I quickly found out that they refuse to sell open/used polishes but they had a locked case of treasures including OPI Designer Series! Their other polishes were so unorganized that I just mainly focused on the DS's. I left with 4 uber lemmings including DS Royal, a lovely shade of sparkly purple. I first swatched Royal on my nail wheel as I am reorganizing my stash and noticed it was pretty sheer. So I took out a random warm toned purple polish from Hot Topic and did two thin layers before adding another two layers of Royal.

Royal is hands down the prettiest purple I have ever seen! It has a great mix of blue/purple tones with so much shimmer. I advise not wearing this polish while driving on a bright sunny day as you will harm yourself and/or others, lol. Btw, my pedicure was AMAZING and I choose OPI Tease-y Does It from the Burlesque collection. I definitely need to get my hands on it! On another note I wore OPI DS Original for a few weeks in August and somehow never got any pictures of it except this one cell phone shot...
Another beautiful must have purple! One last thing, Traci at The TraceFace Philes made a mega post featuring frankens from fellow bloggers and nail polish enthusiasts who love Spectra Flair and the woman who sells it. Check it out!



  1. Gorgeous! I'm having a purple week right now, I keep picking purples to put on! This is so pretty!

  2. love this purple color!


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