Thursday, October 6, 2011


Howdy 'gents and bloggerettes! I know I've seriously been lacking postage on my blog due to work, etc. If I don't immediately crash when I get home I am right on my computer browsing up my blog roll. All the polished nails, pretty make up, and hauls/collections make me feel like I'm not the only person passionate about something that most people consider trivial. Some of my very favorite posts lately have been haul, nail mail, collection posts and I thought it was a good time to partake! Here's my September-October haulage so far!
Klean Color (L-R) Gorgeous Surprise, Silver Lining, Blue Satin, Winter Wonderland. All purchased from Beauty Joint.
Essence (L-R) Where is the Party, Bella, Edward. WITP purchased from local Ulta. Nail Twins received from Ruth in Spain.
L.A. Colors Art Decor (L-R) Teal Glitter, Purple/Blue Glitter, Gold Glitter, Red Glitter, Green Glitter, Blue Glitter. All were purchased from my local Dollar Tree.
Nyx (L-R) Gilded Glitter, Frizz Spots, Maui Surprise, Sea of Cortez. All purchased from Beauty Joint.
Wet n' Wild (L-R) Sagreena The Teenage Witch, Buffy the Violet Slayer,, Party of 5 Glitters, How I Met Your Magenta. All purchased from my local Walgreens, all for $.99!
China Glaze (L-R) Skyscraper, Trendsetter, CG in the City, Midtown Magic. All were purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.
China Glaze Halloween Set (L-R) Cross Iron 360, It's Alive, Black Mesh(Woohoo replacement!), Goulish Glow. Purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.
Orly (L-R) Rococo A Go-Go, Rock Solid, Rock It. Purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.
Revlon (L-R) Facets of Fuschia, Starry Pink, Blue Mosiac.  Purchased from my local Target.
OPI Designer Series (L-R) Ruby, Design, Royal, Sapphire. Purchased from my favorite nail salon Royal Essence! 
Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers (L-R) Glow in the Dark polish, Holo Glitter. Purchased from my local Walgreens.
Loreal (L-R) Owl's Night, Amazon's Flash. Purchased from my local Walgreens.
Rebecca Likes Cupcakes from the lovely Rebecca and Nicole by OPI No Limits. NOPI purchased from my local Walgreens, on clearance!
Color Club Boho Collection 1 (L-R) Boho Mojo, Nouveau Vintage, Voodoo You Do, Artsy Crafty, Blue-topia, Rebel Spirit, Top Coat. Purchased from my local Ross.
Color Clue Collection 2 (L-R) Nomadic in Nude, Earthly Angel, New Bohemian, Shabby Drab, Rad Nomad, Red-ical Gypsy, Top Coat. Purchased from my local Ross.
Color Clue Foiled Collection (L-R) Perfect Mol-ten, Antiquated, Cold Metal, Hot Like Lava, Foil Me Once, Lumin-icent. Purchased from my local Ross.
Julep (L-R) Stella, Emilie, Sienna. This is from my first two Julep beauty boxes from their Maven program.
Julep (L-R) Glycolic Hand Scrub, sample, Cuticle Oil, SPF 30 Hand Cream, Sample. This is from my first two Julep beauty boxes from their Maven program.
Goodies received in my second Julep box with Stella (L-R) Lint brush with come and hidden compartment, glass file, note card. This is from my second beauty boxed from the Maven program.
Secret compartment in the lint brush. So cute!

A lot of money was spent, my insatiable thirst to spend was mildly satisfied, my bank account depleted. So what do you think of my haulage? I wonder what my stash amount is now!


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  1. Julep Sienna is gorgeous!! That's a serious haul girl!! :)


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