Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bora Bora

After seeing many reviews on Stila's Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner I knew I had to try them. They retail for $22 at Ulta and Sephora, which in my opinion is pretty steep but worth it. All the colors are gorgeous but I knew I couldn't buy them all so I settled for my favorite color, Bora Bora. She's a beautiful shade of aqua with a hint of shimmer. I have literally gone 24 hours wearing this eyeliner, I know it's bad to sleep with makeup but when you're tired you're friggin tired, and it has not smeared or anything. The staying power is so strong that it will not remove by simply washing your face, you will need makeup remover. $22 for the confidence in your make up, I'll take it!

This is all the testers Ulta had of Stila's various liquid liners. Bora Bora is of course that stand out aqua in the middle. I do believe I will be buying Rock Candy, the brown second to last, next. What a perfect shade for Fall, right? I've been wearing my Bora Bora a lot and every time I get compliments from so many people! It definitely helps boost my confidence. I have the next 4 days off folks! I am so happy to just sit back and relax. I hope every one enjoys the holiday/weekend!



  1. Great post! I love that brown (Rock Candy) too. It looks sooo pretty!

  2. this is gorgeous! cant wait to see it in FOTD's :D


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