Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Franken

One of my biggest lemmings is OPI for Sephora (SOPI) 212. She is a gorgeous shade of brown/olive with holo glitter and flakies. Unfortunately it's only sold(out) online and at the Sephora in Time Square in New York. So after feeling inspired by this truly original color and my favorite season I got to work on frankening! It's so not a dupe but an inspiration, my interpretation, of what I want/NEED. Her name is Fall.

I know, serious picture spam, but I wanted to show off all the colors! Fall is a mixture of various colors including the colors from my last post. I especially love the last picture and the color variation in the flakies. Oh it was beautiful and I wore this baby for a good long time. Anywho, you might have noticed that I changed up the blog. I wanted a more 'put together' look. I'm not 100% feeling it and there could be more changes but for now I am satisfied. What do you think?



I love and appreciate all feedback! All I ask is that there be no spamming on my posts. Thank you.