Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow, it's been crazy the last few weeks. I quit my comfy no pay office job and went back to Walgreens! It's been 3 days and my feet are so sore and swollen from standing and actually doing stuff instead of sitting in front of a desk. When I left there was so much stress and I felt I could no longer do retail so it was nice to take a break. But I am back which means discounts on new make up and polish! So far I've been to 5 of my surrounding stores and there is still no sign of the Wet n Wild On the Prowl collection. Grr! Anywho one night I asked my boyfran what color I should paint my nails. He said dusty blue and I knew the perfect choice, Zoya Crystal! Crystal is a metallic dusty, almost baby, blue with gold flecks. I believe it is one of a kind, an absolute must have from Zoya.

Zoya usually has sales and special discount codes on their website and facebook. Zoya retails for $8 a pop and have recently been seen at Ulta. I know my Ulta is now carrying the new Summer and Fall collections so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. That is a beautiful color, I don't have it yet but plan on getting it one of these days soon.

  2. Honestly, this polish is my favorite polish!

  3. It really is a lovely one of a kind color!

  4. I love this polish... makes my day when I see it swatched :)


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