Monday, May 9, 2011

You don't make friends with salad!

Lets play a little catch up! Here's the last two looks I did before I got sick.  The first look is Zoya Roxy with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty on my ring finger. I was shocked at how easy the polish strips were to apply and they last forever! I ripped off a little too much off the tip on my right hand so I applied some gold glitter to cover my oopsy. I didn't even follow the instructions just applied to my bare nail and no top coat. There was no peeling or bubbling, just gorgeousness. Check out the ring my boyfriend bought me on our trip in Orlando! Isn't it a dream? He bought it at one of those places that lets you pick an oyster to open and get a pearl. Then I got to pick which ring to set it in. Pretty neat and I flippin love it!

 The second look was done shortly after we came back home. My Roxy had serial tip wear and I was tired of looking a hot mess. I had bought Deborah Lippmanns Glitter in  the Air awhile ago but had yet to wear it. I was sad that we didn't do more shopping on our trip so I splurged at Walmart and bought make up and more unnecessary things. I saw Hard Candy's Sky nail polish and knew what my next look would be. This is three coats of Sky with two layers of GitA.

It was the perfect Easter mannie. Everyone thought they look like little eggs. I'm currently having a hard time photographing my makeup/nails with my current setup. It seems my HTC Evo camera takes better pictures than my two cameras. Very frustrating. Life in general is pretty frustrating. My dad is currently in the hospital and it's taking a toll on me and my family. The house has been awfully quiet...le sigh.


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