Sunday, May 8, 2011

It really is the best conditioner ever!

I love reading reviews, youtube gurus, and fellow bloggers. One of my favorites, SayAnythingBr00ke, posted a video about Skin-a-licious solid conditioner and decided I had to try it. My hair is incredibly thick, wavy, and all around unmanageable. And after my failed attempt with Lush and every drug store hair product I figured it wouldn't hurt. I also purchased their solid shampoo bar and one of their .99 cent soaps as I had never tried this brand before. At the time their .99 cent soap was 'Not Again Pumpkin'. What's neat about that is it gives you a chance to try their product at a bargain. And let me tell ya' I love me a good bargain! Unfortunely that particular soap is no longer listed at that price as it rotates giving you new flavors to try. I chose my shampoo and conditioner scent as black raspberry vanilla as one of my favorite perfumes is the bath and body works of the same name. One thing to remember when purchasing solid bars and soaps is that they are heavy therefor shipping can be a bit expensive, but worth it. I was so excited when my little box arrived, I opened to find...

And this little booger was on my invoice....
Isn't he the cutest?! I loved that they put a little extra effort into making their packaging look presentable and pretty. Like I always say it's the little things that count. The shampoo and conditioner were tucked into the little boxes and inside they were wrapped in tissue paper and included directions. The soap was wrapped in plastic with the label on top showing the name.

The shampoo bar is colored purple and the conditioner is just a milky white. The smell is not over welling and is not as strong as a perfume. It literally gets lost in the mix after I apply all my hair products. 

Before I got sick the boyfriend and I had taken a trip to Orlando and because I love my shampoo and conditioner so much I decided to tag them along in my bathroom goodie bag. After being in a hot trunk for several hours to and from my shampoo bar melted to about 1/3 of its original size. The conditioner however stayed perfectly intact. To be honest the shampoo bar is pretty equivalent to the other bar I have tried. But this conditioner is the BEST conditioner I have ever used! I am utterly impressed and satisfied with this purchase. As for the soap, the smell was DELICIOUS. I literally wanted to eat it. It smelled like pumpkin pie and cinnamon and made me feel squeaky clean! My hair is super soft and manageable but still a bit poofy. I will most definetly be purchasing from Skin-a-licious again.


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