Friday, May 20, 2011


Beauty blogs and Youtubers have been talking about Inglot a lot lately. I wanted to see if they really lived up to all the hype. After some debate I chose the 10 pan palette even though I really wanted the 20. That's me trying to be sensible, lol. The palette started off as $20 but  once you add the freedom eye shadows to your cart the price is slashed by $15 making the palette just $5! Because I chose 10 eye shadows to go in my palette each one was only $4.50. Combined with tax and shipping I only spent $63.13 for the best quality make up I have ever used! The palette comes in a little black box and the palette itself is black with a clear magnetized top with their name printed on top. Each square is magnetized for each eye shadow pan. I also received two free samples of foundation and a make up base but I have not used them yet.

This was Zombri's face throughout this process, lol. The shadows were wrapped in a thick piece of bubble wrap. Then individually wrapped in hard plastic which is encased in another piece of plastic. There is a sticker on the hard plastic with the number and type of shadow it is. On the bottom of each shadow there is a label stating the name and weight of the product. I don't think the shadows ever had a chance to break the way they wrap these babies up!

After I lovingly removed all the plastic, which turned into a hill of trash on my bed, I took my time figuring out how I wanted my shadows in the palette. I picked my shadows after looking at every blog and swatch I could and chose the ones I really wanted. I'm extremely happy with all the colors!

 I highly suggest clicking on the pictures and looking at all the sparkles coming from this treasure chest of color.
AMC 46- The best 'highlight' color ever. It's the perfect champagne shade.
D.S. 474- Is a perfect combination of yellow with gold sparkles.
Matte 372- An aqua/teal matte that is simply delicious.
AMC 57- Dark military green with gold sparkles.
AMC 70- A bright blue with silver sparkles.
D.S. 480- A bright periwinkle blue. Kind of reminds me of Sugarpill's Royal Sugar.
AMC 61- Is a dark blue with bright blue sparkles. This color is stunning!
D.S. 493- Is a light lavender with silver sparkles.
D.S.494- A dark purple, similar to Sugarpill's Poison Plum but with a shock of gold sparkle.
AMC 74- My favorite of the bunch. A dark reddish pink with silver sparkle.

The weather finally cleared up and life became a little less stressful so yesterday I took the time to do some swatching. They're swatched in the same order as the palette. Shadows are swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Nyx Milk.

Sorry for the photo bomb but I really want everyone to see how awesome Inglot is. I can't wait to buy my next palette! How about you? Has anyone else purchased from Inglot yet?



  1. Def. gonna have to check Inglot out. I need a new palette of vibrant colors. Thanks so much for this!

  2. @gingerSnap- Thanks! I took a very long time choosing shades.

    @eimi.desu- They really are the best shadows I have ever worked with. I think the prices are pretty reasonable but can be a hard kick to the bank account regardless. Definitely check them out!


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