Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Alive!!!!

Happy Halloween Blogerettes! I hope everyone had a pleasant and spooky weekend! I come baring most excellent news...we were officially approved for our apartment today. Squee, I cannot wait to finally have much needed space to do more nails, make up, reviews, and the like. Now, back to business. I told myself for the longest time that I would not even think about purchasing China Glaze It's Alive because I was so in love with Zombie Zest from last years Halloween collection. But nail polish is addicting and that beautiful murky glitter green was eventually a part of my collection. It's Alive is easily a part of my top ten favorite nail polishes of all time. It isn't a hungry glitter and once top coat is applied the sparkle is so intense. To avoid doing more than two coats, therefor not making removal an epic pain, I decided to layer it over Color Club Nouveau Vintage. N.V. is a beautiful green/brown/bronze duochrome.
 Flash to show off the bronze deliciousness with a hint of green. 2 coats Nouveau Vintage.
Show off more of the green undertones.
Two coats of It's Alive over Nouveau Vintage.
So much green love! On Saturday night my boyfrann and I went to a Halloween party. He dressed as John Goodman's character in The Big Lebowski and at the last minute I decided to do a quickie sugar skull look. Here's a quick cell phone shot of my make up!
Nothing too spectacular. All makeup is Sugarpill and all the black liner is Inglot gel liner in 77. Check out my uber hot Betsey Johnson necklace! Now I think I will nap on this fine Halloweenie day! Stay safe out there!



  1. Very nice the Halloween makeup. The green nail polish is beautiful

  2. I've given you the Liebster Blog Award on my blog. See details at link below.

  3. Thank you BeautyShades. And woo big thank you MK! I've been busy with moving to my apartment etc so this was a nice surprise!


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