Monday, October 10, 2011


A lot of fellow bloggers were pretty disappointed with the Birchbox program as it rarely had nail polish or nail related items. I never went through the Birchbox process because they rarely featured items that I cared for. As if the polish Gods could hear our cries Julep came and brought to us an amazing box featuring nail polishes, cuticle oils, lotions, etc for just $20 a month. Julep has you take a quiz to decide what box you will receive each month. I am an 'It Girl'. I have received three boxes so far and I am impressed. I know there was some drama regarding their referral program but they have resolved the issues and I was part of the group that was rewarded with a free October box! My first box, which I purchase for only $4.99 came with Emilie(a dark muted green), Sienna(a foiled gold), and an amazing hand scrub. I am pretty impressed with Julep and I am happy to bring you Sienna.

My only complaint is the shape of the polish bottles. They appear very sleek and are pretty but not practical when trying to polish your nails without worrying about the bottle tipping over. To purchase a polish on it's own is $14 not to mention their lotions/scrubs are $32+ so I think receiving a box for only $20 is a great deal. If you decide to check Julep out I ask that you please consider using my direct link to join. For every person who uses my link and purchases I get a $15 credit and in turn you can do the same! How do you feel about Julep?



  1. I've been really happy with the Julep program, too! I agree that the bottles are really cute but make me afraid I'm going to knock them over, though I've been okay so far. I'm an "American Beauty" and have gotten some very interesting, pretty shades!

  2. I can't wait to see what next months box will be!


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