Monday, August 1, 2011

Purple people eater!

I caved. I'm not much for spending over $10 on a bottle of nail polish. Figure, the more the merrier! But Nfu Oh 51 was teasing me, taunting me. It had to be mine. Once that bottle was in my hands I sat in front of my led lamp and just stared for a good 5 minutes drooling, lol. It's gorgeous in that wonderfully shaped bottle but on the nails it's obvious that it needs to be layered. This is three coats...

I tried to get as many angles so you can see the rainbows but being inside doesn't help. Jacksonville is hardly ever sunny anymore. I enjoy those dark rainy days but dabnabbit I want some pretty pictures!lol. I  decided I wanted to have more fun so I did some playing around with one of my frankens, Electrohead. This was meant to be a dupe of China Glaze DV8 but obviously it didn't work out!

P.S.- If you have even the smallest, itty bitty chip in your tooth avoid bleaching your teeth! Oy vey!



  1. The bottle really is pretty. I have #51 and a spare I
    bought by accident.I remember being so thrilled while ordering my flakies I hadn't double checked my order before I placed it. I love purple!

  2. Gorgeous! And that start is so adorable! Love it. #51 is definitely the number one Nfu Oh flakie I want. Kind of waiting for the right time to buy it. :P

  3. There's nothing wrong with having 2 bottles! You can do more mani's with no worries, lol. This is one of my long time lemmings and now my top ten favorites. If you had to get only one flakie from Nfu Oh this is the one!

  4. oooh it is very pretty! i don't like to spend that much money on nail polish either, but this color is gorgeous-and worth it! :)


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