Monday, August 22, 2011

Not me, the three!

Due to the awfulness that is Florida weather I've been lazy with my makeup but not with my spending! Here are my first three looks using my Inglot palette numero dos. Nothing special but oh do I love my Pearl 414(the dark green)!

This is Pearl 441, Matte 358, Pearl 446, with my 77 gel liner on my water line/tight line and lid. I was a little sloppy with my lid liner as I am not use to my bent liner brush. No full face as I was greasy! I hate FL humidity!

Second look is Matte 345, Matte 339, Matte 358, AMC 46, and 77 gel liner on my water line/tight line. I specifically bought Matte 345 and Matte 339 for looks together. Le sigh, when it's cooler I will be back to full face shots but for now it will be sparingly.

And for last my favorite look! This is Pearl 414, AMC 46, 77 gel liner for water line/tight line, and MAC Jealousy Wakes! I believe I took these pictures before I made my way out the door hence the lack of yuck on my skin, lol. All shadows were great to work with and highly pigmented except for Pearl 414 which requires build up. Which look is your favorite? Any requests for my next look using Inglot?


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  1. WOW! All the looks are awesome! You took very good photos of it too!


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