Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in Space!

 Happy Easter Bloggerettes! I picked up a couple Nerd Lacquers recently and thought All of Time and Space would be perfect for an Easter mani. All of Time and Space is a mint shimmer with ultra fine/fine/medium magenta hexagon glitter, and medium/large hexagon silver glitter. For an accent nail I chose Barry M Limited Edition Pink, a purple pink creme. 

Both polishes applied like a dream! All of Time and Space is 3 coats, 1 coat Gelous, and 1 coat Seche Vite. Limited Edition Pink is 2 coats. I wanted more flair on my accent nails so I taped triangles and applied 2 coats of All of Time and Space and added a diamond holo piece of glitter.

I notice my new heart shaped rainbow topaz ring matched my mani and took a close up!lol

Nerd Lacquer is currently on hiatus but normally bottles are 15ml. for $10. Select the email to be notified button so you'll know when she's back in stock! The Boyfran and our Bostons will be spending the holiday with our families eating and relaxing. I hope you all have a nice holiday or just plain Sunday!


  1. Perfect combo! I love the accent nail!

  2. Love the color and your accent nail is gorgeous. So creative! I normally do the opposite, glitter as the accent. This would be a nice change. :)


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