Sunday, January 22, 2012

Of Cabbages and Kings!

I recently acquired OPI I Mainely Eat Lobster for a reasonable price. When I purchased it I thought it was a lovely coral with gold sparkle. But when I applied it it appeared more neon orange, a color match to carrots! It was both grotesque and pretty so I didn't want to take it off just yet. So I decided to apply some Essence Edward, a square green glitter with small holo glitter, a match to lettuce. BUT that wasn't enough so a funky french with OPI Ink was added matching red cabbage. And henceforth my mani became a salad of sorts, lol.
First, here's the completed mani!
 OPI I Mainely Eat Lobster

 2 coats Essence Edward
I wish I Mainely Eat Lobster on my nails look more like it does in the bottle but it's still pretty. Just not by itself! What do you think? Too much? Needs MOAR!lol



  1. kinda reminds me of a rainbow ladybug, if there was such a thing! =)

    1. I didn't think about that! I like that description better, lol! Thank you!

  2. I love your description of the nail polish being grotesque and pretty! I love how you take pictures of each step too :)

    1. It's my favorite kind of description, lol. Thank you!


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