Saturday, December 31, 2011


Forever and a day ago I purchased my first Cult Nails polish, Iconic. I quickly swatched it and didn't look at it again until last week, lol. I saw a random post on Tumblr of someone wearing Iconic on top of a red base coat and knew it was time to try it once again. My 'red underwear' for this look was Color Club VooDoo You Do from the Back to Boho collection.
 Shamelessly posting this weird shot because it almost looks like Clarins 230, lol!
It was gorgeous and perfectly festive without being too 'corny'. I definitely prefer Iconic with some underwear as opposed to alone. Iconic is a maroon shimmer with flakies that reflect red/green/orange/gold. She can be purchased over at Cult Nails for $10. I hope everyone has a safe and memorable New Years Eve! I don't really believe in making resolutions but every year I say I'm going to lose weight, lol. This year I just want my dad to be healthy and for Zombri to stop being so tubby, haha!
See you next year!

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