Thursday, June 16, 2011

My first (successful) Franken!

Awhile ago I had the pleasure of joining a lovely nail polish group on Facebook by the name of Polish-aholics Anonymous. I no longer feel weird for owning so many polishes and wanting to spend my hard earned paychecks on these little bottles of color. A few weeks back the big thing was SpectraFlair Flex paint powder. This pigment is typically mixed with paint for cars but it was discovered as the perfect ingredient to add to polishes to make them holo! I was able to purchase 1 gram on eBay before he decided to delete the item from his store. My first attempt, and success, a black holo flakie. Unfortunately pictures do not show the flakes but it was beautiful! Trust me. This is a mixture of Wet 'n' Wild Ebony Hates Chris, Nfu Oh #38, and SpectraFlair.

1 gram in its little baggie! This cost me $22, sheesh.

Gorgeous! Then a few days later I received some nail mail, thanks to Polish-aholics Anonymous and Karin, OPI DS Signature and OPI Bring on The Bling. 
I didn't want to remove my creation just yet so I decided what's better than holo....more holo! This is Signature sponged over my franken.

Sorry for the brief hiatus. It seems something bad is happening left and right, le sigh. But that's life! I'm just happy to have a mostly loving family and my Zombri! Now I need some help though. My franken needs a name! Who wants to help?



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