Monday, June 27, 2011

Franken Miss Zombri!

So I finally took the time to work on my second franken, yeah I know I'm slow, lol. I wanted to do pink, as it is my favorite color, but my boy fraan wanted red. So I compromised! This is a mixture of Sinful Color Creme Pink, China Glaze Seduce Me, a Color Club red glitter (no idea what the name is), and a little bit of spectra flair pigment.

Sorry for the butt load of pictures but I want you to see every angle! It has the gold sparkle from Creme Pink, the red glitter from Color Club, and the holo from the pigment...this came out FANTASTIC! It's the perfect 'girlie' color with an added flair and I instantly thought My little fur ball. So I name the franken Miss Zombri!
I think she's excited too! Blahaha!



  1. This franken is beautiful, I love the subtle holo in it.

  2. Thank you! I've been wearing it for like 2 weeks


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