Monday, September 24, 2012

Hang-Ten Lion Toes

'Ello Bloggerettes! Today's post features some sweet claws and freshly dyed pink hair! After seeing this mani from Sarah I just had to own China Glaze I'm Not Lion, a micro gold/holo glitter, and luckily for me China Glaze Hang-Ten Toes, a hot pink neon, was on clearance! As my nails grow, and might I add fast thanks to Rejuvacote, I file them just a bit more pointy to achieve my desired claw like shape. And with this shape I really enjoy the look of this funky french! I am not sorry for doing this look back to back, haha!

 Look at all that ~*sparkle*~!!

I started off with 1 coat of Rejuvacote, 3 coats of I'm Not Lion, and 2 generous coats of Gelous. That glitter was hungry! By using Gelous you're not only feeding that glitter but creating a nice smooth surface for your french, otherwise it will appear gritty! Once dry I opted to free hand my french rather than taping. I just tapped off the excess Hang-Ten Toes leaving just a bit of the tip then slowly added each side until I reached the right shape and evenness. Then I just finished off with a thick coat of Seche Vite. All those layers made my nails feel tough as, well, nails! 

As I've mentioned before I only feel like myself if my hair is pink or some obnoxiously blinding shade of bright. So after talking to my stylist I finally let someone else bleach and dye my hair! That was a first for me and I gotta say it's nice letting someone else do the work! Once my pink fades I'm going to go for a fall look and mix Manic Panic Purple Haze and Vampire Red for a bright burgundy. I can't wait but for now here's my pink hair!

What do you think? Thanks for looking!!

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