Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fig Jam

 Hey hey hey Bloggerettes! Today I have one of the new Revlon scented polishes, Fig Jam. She is a beautiful mix of bronze/orange and gold micro shimmer. I have nothing in my collection like it and it was the only one on the display that caught my eye. As someone who has never seen let alone tasted a fig the smell of this polish is absolutely delish! It's sweet and not at all overwhelming. The scent stayed with me for about 2 days before fading completely. 

This is 2 coats of Fig Jam and 1 coat Seche Vite. Formula was easy to work with if not a bit thick. I purchased her at Walgreens at $5.49. I personally think it's a perfect summer shade! As most of you know I work at Walgreens, well on Tuesday we received the new Sally Hansen Magnetics on the truck. I haven't seen anything online about it so I took a few phone pictures to show them off. 

They're $9.99 and have a $1 off coupon. All of them have the same wave pattern magnet on the cap. The colors are gorgeous, especially the gold and copper.  I think magnetics are pretty neat but I'm too shaky to really play around with it. I bought a few of the China Glaze ones but have yet to play with them. So ladies what do you think of this magnetics craze? 


  1. I love Fig Leaf! I want to buy it but all the Revlon Scented polishes I've tried make me ridiculously nauseous. :(

    1. I am really sensitive to strong smells and will get dizzy and nauseous. This was the first scented polish that didn't make me sick so maybe there's hope for us!lol


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