Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rule number 3, wear your heart on your cheek. But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat.

 Uber long blog post title is long! Hello Bloggerettes! I've been throughly enjoying some Marina and the Diamonds, especially How to be a Heartbreaker. Fun mani plus equally fun song equals a FUN post! I obviously need some sleep, lol. Today's post features my favorite indie polish brand, Hare. Asteroid Turf is a murky almost neon green jelly filled with medium magenta hex glitter.

Asteroid Turf was an easy as pie glitter filled jelly to apply. Hey, that rhymed! Can you see all the hidden hexes? Beautiful! Hare polish is available on Etsy for $10 and at Llarowe for $11. I believe Asteroid Turf may have been discontinued, but they just came out with some new beautiful polishes. What do you think of this polish?

Thanks for looking!   


  1. love <333 this one will always be a favorite, cause the color combo is so unique :D

  2. Hare is my favorite brand of indie polish! The combinations are always so creative and the formulas are great. You chose a really good one, the contrast is amazeballs :D


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